Food Safety Policy

Food Safety
As Name Food;
We aim to progress towards becoming a leader in the markets we serve to meet national and international conditions for food safety and quality with high safety awareness.

All of our employees in our organization are aware that they should pursue their duties in line with their defined responsibilities paying full attention to customer focus, quality and food safety rules, environmental responsibility and ethical principles. With risk-sensitive approach, our main principles are to take precautions to eliminate or minimize risks by determining the factors that shall cause deviations from our targets.

As Name Gida, by constantly updating our systems and infrastructure, we commit
To operate effectively and efficiently with the best process management,
• To ensure that we are paying attention to food authenticity at all stages from purchasing to production,
• To ensure product safety by taking the necessary precautions with a sensitive approach to risks,
• To review the effectiveness of the system with continuous improvement,
• To grant the top management’s full support in quality and safety systems, to provide the required resources to achieve our goals.