Especially in the kitchens of Middle Eastern countries, there are a lot of different forms of consumption, from roast to stew and from mash to meatballs. Falafel, which is a vegetarian favorite with plenty of protein, is the most well-known of them and appears to be mostly liked. Although the ready flavor does not take minutes to cook, the flavor that a beautifully made falafel will leave on the palates can be talked about for days…

Cooking Advice & Tips
- Pour the oil into a deep pan or deep fryer.
- When the oil gets hot, place the Falafel Meatballs that you take out of the freezer into the oil in the pan that you preheated.
- Bake the Falafel Meatballs for 8-10 minutes until they turn golden.
- Take the excess oil from the pan with a strainer on the paper towel. You can serve it by waiting for 3 minutes to cool down.
- You can surprise your guests by putting falafel, lettuce, radish and scallion in the lavash, squeezing ketchup on them and serving with yoghurt.
- The specified cooking temperature and time may vary depending on your taste and the characteristics of your fryer.
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